The abundance of data generated by new regulations has created an opportunity to to significantly upgrade pre-trade business intelligence. TS Fixed Income Business Intelligence (FIBI) is a new product that combines TradeSmart FI EMS and TS DataLake.

FI Business Intelligence (FIBI) starts with TS DataLake. TradeSmart FI EMS users can use FIBI if they opt in to TS DataLake. TS DataLake collects, structures and stores RFQs, trades, hit ratios, failed to trade, most active dealer, most active venue, price and axe data from TradeSmart EMS.

FIBI provides users with an immediate, real-time, pre-trade analysis based on all the data in TradeSmart. Pre-trade analysis includes a prediction of execution time, price slippage and number of trades according to size. Based on analysis of RFQS (successful and failed) FIBI also indicates the best venue and dealer for the order.

Finally FIBI provides users with a post-trade analysis of execution market impact, per trade cost alpha, dealer execution price analysis versus dealer quote on ALLQ/TWEB/MKTX.

FI Business Intelligence Data Sources:  

  • TRAX 
  • Neptune 
  • Bloomberg 
  • Trace
  • BondCliQ 
  • MKTX Composite Price Plus 
  • Tradeweb Dealer Prices 
  • Trumid FVMP 
  • Fenics USTs