Data is the currency of an effective transaction cost analysis (TCA). Tools that track execution performance from the moment an order is received, to when it reaches the market and after it is executed is the backdrop to TS TCA. Often overlooked by other providers, TS TCA enriched pre-trade data helps firms achieve not only best selection, but continually increases their trading desk efficiency and productivity.

With nine global data centers, TS has the infrastructure and support for a superior TCA offering.

  • TS TCA is available as a stand-alone service or integrated into the TS TradeSmart FI EMS
  • The TS Transaction Cost Analysis tool is enhanced and enriched by the abundant pre-trade data from the TradeSmart FI EMS.
  • Streamed best bid/best offer dealer and venue pricing, dealer and venue axes, most active dealers and filtered liquidity in related bonds provide regulatory evidence of best execution.
  • TradeSmart FI EMS TCA tracks your execution performance from the moment you receive the order to your interaction with the market and finally your trade execution.
  • TradeSmart FI EMS TCA includes a full package of reports and analytics to measure trading desk execution performance.