The Next Buzzword in Fixed Income: DATALAKE

  • 24/10/18
  • Paul Reynolds

Some people would say that we are in an era of life-changing, technology driven events that may perversely render human work output obsolete. The tendency these days to drop buzzwords like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain, as game-changing initiatives, is utterly irresisti.......

Tradeweb tops $100 trillion in trading volumes

  • 08/10/18
  • Hayley McDowell

Venue traded FI volumes surge as volatility rises. You can access Tradeweb via TradeSmart FI EMS. 

Tradeweb’s total trading volumes have hit $100 trillion so far this year, already surpassing its full-year volumes for all of 2017.

The electronic trading platform .......


  • 25/09/18
  • Sean Burton, FinTech strategist 

Some wise words that offer guidance on the vectors of a future debt crisis…


My LinkedIn feed was filled last week with posts about the 10yr anniversary of the Lehman collapse, and I found it odd the sort of romantic sentimentali.......

WBR survey: Buy-side pushed towards price-making and ETF use

  • 24/09/18
  • Pia Hecher

“When a good pre-trade tool arrives, it will be a must have for all traders… we are still waiting,” one head of trading at Tier 1 Asset Management stated.

Following the introduction of the new Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), which has formalised be.......

Wall Street Fears the End of an Era

  • 20/09/18
  • Alastair Marsh

Dealers uncharacteristically failing to address a threat to the once mighty FI revenue engine.

The masters of the corporate-bond world believe one of their few remaining preserves is slipping away. But they’re not letting it go without a fight.

Credit traders.......

Is a liquidity crunch coming in High Yield ETFs?

  • 14/09/18
  • Jacob Wolinsky

“Only 18% of the entire corporate bond universe traded on any given day.”

Two reports caught my attention yesterday. Firstly, outflows from corporate bond funds continue apace. Last week, according to a report in the Financial Times (FT) citing data provider EPFR Global.......

Tradeweb closing in on record year

  • 09/08/18
  • Hayley McDowell

Fixed Income e-trade continues to grow as better data and connectivity facilitate better buy-side execution workflows.

Tradeweb is on track for a record year in fixed income, derivatives and exchange-traded fund (ETF) trading, with volumes on the platform up 40% so far this year.&n.......

More Trading-Tech Buyouts Ahead?

  • 02/08/18
  • Terry Flanagan

“Large firms are typically not the best at staying current and innovative,” Mindlin said. “They know they often need to acquire good technology in order to keep up, and they have the deep pockets and the desire to do deals.” Amen!

The recent flurry of 10-figure buyo.......

Treasury Market Eyes Aggregated Streams

  • 30/07/18
  • Rob Daly

USTs take a step in the direction of e-FX with a relationship based order book.

A new trading protocol has taken root in the electronic US Treasuries market, according to a recent poll conducted by industry analysis firm Greenwich Associates.

When asked which electronic tra.......

The Attack of the “Frankensystems”

  • 24/07/18
  • Paul Reynolds

What does a buy-side head of desk think of Fixed Income trading infrastructure? “I know what it needs to do, I just don’t know what it looks like."

Having navigated MiFID II, trading desk heads now face the task of selecting technology that will drive their strategy for greater.......

Do buy-side institutions supply liquidity in bond markets?

  • 20/07/18
  • Amber Anand, Chotibhak Jotikasthira, Kumar Venkataraman

The paper suggests that buy-side institutions represent an increasing share of the investor base in corporate bonds and the economic importance of this source of liquidity cannot be overstated. It recommends that to tap into, and further encourage, this channel of liquidity supply, trading platfor.......

Fixed Income Q&A: Michael Paulus, OpenDoor Securities

  • 20/07/18
  • Terry Flanagan

No one disagrees that technology will help Fixed Income catch up with the other asset classes, but only when access to new technology is completely open.

Markets Media caught up with Michael Paulus, Managing Director at OpenDoor Securities, which operates a trading platfor.......

CSDR Settlement Discipline Mandatory Buy-Ins

  • 19/07/18
  • ICMA

Knowing pre-trade which bonds are deliverable is yet another best execution factor that, with the advent of the CSDR buy-in regime, now cannot be ignored.

What is the CSD Regulation?

The CSD Regulation1 (CSDR) is an EU/EEA regulation which introduces measu.......