MiFID II's Beacon Begins to Illuminate the World

  • 07/03/18
  • Gary Stone

MiFID II’s post-trade reporting requirements are increasing transparency in the bond market – and no country appears exempt. Is it possible that MiFID II will incentivize market regulators in other jurisdictions and countries to consider expanding bond market transparency as well?


MarketAxess sees record trading volumes in 2017

  • 31/01/18
  • Hayley McDowell

MarketAxess has reported a record total trading volume for the full year in 2017 of $1.5 trillion, up more than 10% from the year prior.The fixed income electronic trading platform set records across the board last year with total revenue and operating income also breaking previous records.

In a Morphing Market, No Fixed Outcome for Fixed Income

  • 15/01/18
  • www.curatia.com

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission disbanded a panel of industry advisers whose recommendations on improving trading in the world’s largest stock market largely landed with a thud.

The SEC summarily disbanded the Equity Market Structure Advisory Committee in an email to memb.......

Fixed Income (Il)Liquidity in Focus

  • 12/01/18
  • By Terry Flanagan, Marketsmedia.com

Fixed-income liquidity isn’t what it used to be, and market participants must continue to adjust to achieve trading efficiency in what is expected to be a challenging landscape for the foreseeable future.

MiFID II: Done and Dusted?

  • 08/01/18
  • Jon Wilson

Deadline day for MiFID II implementation has come and gone. But make no mistake – this package of EU directives and regulation will continue to have a significant impact in the year ahead.

The Tokenization of Research

  • 03/01/18
  • Joe Steinmetz & Allan Chiulli

The update to the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) is changing the operating paradigm of exchanging client commissions for execution and research by, among other things, requiring asset managers to: (1) clearly delineate the execution cost versus the research cost on every tra.......

Pulling Together the Fixed Income Picture

  • 06/11/17
  • Original Author, Vela Trading Blog

There is an information gap in fixed income markets, and it’s getting wider. Fixed income markets lack any centralized infrastructure and have never distributed consolidated price data; the number of non-fungible instruments traded, dealers’ withdrawal from market-making activity, and .......

Fixed income desks have major concerns as MiFID II looms

  • 26/10/17
  • Hedgeweek

Forty-five per cent of European fixed income heads are still struggling with MiFID II compliance, despite the 3 January implementation deadline looming large, according to a new report: “On the precipice: Are you ready for MiFID II?”, by the Fixed Income Leaders’ Summit.

MiFID II, opportunity or challenge

  • 23/10/17
  • Paul Reynolds @ TradingScreen

As the last one hundred days of life before MiFID II becomes the new regulatory environment tick by, the level of stress and anxiety correspondingly increases. Let’s just remind ourselves, MiFID II is one year delayed already, so why all the fuss?

Like any new environment, adapting t.......

Industry pushes for a second Mifid II delay

  • 13/10/17
  • By Lucy McNulty @ fn

Banks, exchanges and market infrastructure firms are quietly lobbying European regulators to slightly delay sweeping changes to Europe’s trading rulebook amid last-minute panic that the reforms will cause “a Y2K event”.

The Technology to Succeed in Fixed-Income Trading

  • 10/10/17
  • Kevin McPartland @ www.greenwich.com

Those global and regional dealers that have seen their market share grow over the past 10 years are largely those that have invested heavily in technology—allowing them to manage the market and service their customer better than their peers.


  • 28/09/17
  • Martin Scheck, Chief Executive @ ICM

The Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) is a European Union law that provides harmonized regulation for investment services across the 31 Member States of the European Economic Area.

Too Much Choice in Fixed Income Trading?

  • 20/09/17
  • Brian Cassin @ Vela, taken from Tabb Forum

Many electronic fixed income platforms have launched to make trading easier, but there are now so many that the market has become more complicated. With the continued push for greater transparency around pricing, quoting and trading, how can firms ensure they get the nuts and bolts of connectivity.......

Challenges of MiFID II Bring Data Management to the Fore

  • 14/09/17
  • Stephane Leroy | QuantHouse, taken from Tabb Forum

MiFID II is geared toward increasing transparency – not only across both the pre- and post-trade regimes, but across all asset classes. Specifically, the regulator will be looking for firms to demonstrate the how and why of trading decisions. How can firms best comply with this requirement t.......

Corporate Bond Market Structure Evolution

  • 05/09/17
  • Jim Greco Founder of Direct Match and Trading Places.

Competition amongst the dominant trading platforms is a welcome force in driving trading efficiency, but it is also driving them apart, just when the regulations say you need to work with all of them synchronously. TradeSmart FI EMS can pull all this data together in one place pre-trade and point .......