• You will not find a more connected, flexible and value-added trading application in Fixed Income

Roadmap March 2019

  • TradeSmart is constantly enhanced through client requests for additional trading venues, workflows and data sources.
  • TradeSmart FI EMS is a completely neutral market interface enabling you to stage orders from your OMS to venues, brokers and dealers for your order executions.
  • Built in to the execution workflow is a highly productive pre-trade analysis of every order including your historic trades and RFQs, your most active dealers and venues, side and size related axes and IoIs, market pricing and if no liquidity exists in that bond, liquidty in alternative bonds configured by you.
  • You can add TS DataLake to dramatically increase the scope of your pre-trade analysis.
  • You can add TS TCA and Best Execution to TradeSmart FI EMS as an integrated package.
  • Integrated Data Content Hub connectivity to external data suppliers for pre-trade and TCA analysis. 
  • A single consolidated view of your bond trade history, in-house portfolio positions, most active dealers, streamed best bid/best offer dealer and venue pricing, dealer and venue axes, liquidity score and filtered liquidity in related bonds.
  • Very close integration with MKTX, TWEB, Bloomberg, LQNT, Trumid, BGC Fenics workflows and trading protocols.
  • All to all liquidity and RFQ alerts against your orders.
  • Upload watch lists and portfolios for activity alerts and valuation.
  • All bond sectors and types including Index, single name CDS and multi-currency IRS



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