FP4D: Fastpass for dealers.

FP4D is business intelligence for Broker/Dealers.

FP4D is the Broker/Dealer portal for FastPass connectivity users.

FastPass enables Broker/Dealers to precisely transmit and tier price, liquidity and axe data to individual buy-side clients.

FP4D monitors the distribution of that data and the activity of buy-side clients with that data.

FP4D is business intelligence for Broker/Dealers.

Now you can know in real-time:

  • Who is looking at your axes
  • Your most active bonds
  • Your most active clients
  • Your most active axes
  • Your bonds with most inquiries
  • Send prices, liquidity and axes
  • Receive single dealer firm-up requests
  • Receive orders from your buy-side clients
  • Execute partially or fully
  • Analyse your historical performance with clients