TS Fixed Income has committed to and invested in connectivity, data-normalisation and aggregation. So much so that we are now able to deliver this data via REST API.

According to our advanced Buy-side clients, this single initiative has the potential to truly transform Fixed Income workflow and liquidity. TS FI REST API digitises the eco-system evolved from emails, TRACE prints, Dealer levels, Venue axes, A2A inquiries, and order books.

We have developed a data rich single source of high-integrity actionable data that completely changes your Fixed Income data experience. The real magic though is the way our smartest Buy-side clients can now act as both liquidity makers and takers.

Although this metamorphosis has been discussed at length over the years, TS REST API marks the moment when fully automated, at scale liquidity provision, becomes a reality for the elite group of bond traders using TS FI. TS REST API is the programmatic version of the TradeSmart application. It uses the latest REST, Websocket technologies and industry standards to provide a clean, performant and easy-to-use toolset for both request/response and streaming data interactions with the TS FI EMS. It now enables the smartest traders to deploy their unique trading strategies to maximise liquidity opportunities and trading revenues.

If you think you have the desire to make and take liquidity digitally, give us a call.