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A key benefit is capturing the pricing information, dealer quotes, and Trace data at that point of time and being able to prove out the quality of executions. Capturing the full liquidity opportunity set for a security is critical today given how fast the velocity of information and data flows across the desk.

Buy-side clients quite rightly demand their Fixed Income EMS performs as well as the EMS they use in other asset classes. If you are reading this you will know how Fixed Income has seriously lagged behind ALL asset classes and only recently has addressed connectivity, data normalisation, aggregation and enhanced trading protocols.

As we know only too well at TS, building a truly performant Fixed Income EMS requires skilled, knowledgeable and experienced developers, a business vision that Venues, Order Management Systems, Data providers and Sell-side partners can all partner with.

As a prospective Fixed Income EMS client you should be aware that we have a dedicated team of specialist Fixed Income Developers and Connectivity specialists. We have earnt our reputation through product development entirely driven by our users and their innovative ideas. Those users immediately appreciate the competitive edge they have gained and know they have joined an elite group of Bond Traders that see and take trading opportunities with incredible efficiency. No wonder they enthusiastically recommend us.

If you are curious and want to be in the vanguard of Fixed Income trading evolution, you have arrived at the right place.

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