TradeSmart EMS

You will not find a more connected, flexible and value-added trading application in Fixed Income.


If you are considering a Fixed Income EMS you are looking for more automation, lower execution costs, better understanding of those costs and the ability to grow your business intelligently.

At TS we make this decision very straightforward.

  • TradeSmart takes care of all venue management, connectivity, data access and workflow upgrades.
  • For every order or watch list cusip, TradeSmart will find bids, offers, axes, IOIs, historical volumes, own trades, RFQs, similar bonds and positions in context.
  • TradeSmart will highlight any source of permissioned liquidity and facilitate transactional workflows, RFQ, direct dealer connectivity, all to all, execution confirms and allocations.
  • TradeSmart will record all the above data for post-trade analysis and business intelligence.
  • Development of specific client user needs is included in the monthly user license fee.

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