TS Direct Dealer Connectivity

We are accutely aware how unsatisfactory the current Fixed Income data proposition is.

It is expensive. It also requires you subscribe to certain providers or miss out. You may need to aggregate multiple data sources to achieve your pre and post-trade analysis.


With TS Direct Dealer Connectivity we have made a bold decision to re-set the Fixed Income data model. We will only accept very strictly defined streamed actionable prices and spreads, indicative prices and spreads, actionable axes and non-actionable IOIs.

This data model means you can be very specific how and for what purpose you utilise each data set, removing false data, duplications and expired data. No further need to parse or interpret duplicates.

Dealers individually select Buy-side clients and send specifically tailored data.

Buy-side clients see all of this data in a single view aggregated through TradeSmart.

Buy-side clients can not only process this data internally, but also use proprietary algos to auto-execute against actionable liquidity.

This complete Fixed Income data re-design is free for TradeSmart FI EMS users.

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